How To Get MOOI
For “Polygon Network” Users

Table of Contents

    Swap Flow

    1. Swap your tokens to oMOOI (on Meshswap)
    2. Transfer oMOOI to Klaytn Network (via orbit bridge)
    3. Bridge to MOOI Network (via MOOI swap)
    4. Use MOOI to buy JANKEN NFTs (in — MOOI Network Marketplace)

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    Things that you will need

    1. Metamask Wallet (Or any wallet supporting Polygon Network)
      + A small amount of MATIC (For payment of Polygon gas fee. MATIC must be in Metamask wallet.)

    1. MOOI Wallet
      + A small amount of KLAY (For payment of Klaytn gas fee. oKLAY can be purchased on . But you must transfer oKLAY in Polygon network to MOOI wallet on Klaytn network.) + A small amount of MOOI

    1. oMOOI (oMOOI purchases are available on )

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    Step 0

    Register the Polygon network on Metamask.

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    Step 1
    Swap to oMOOI

    Go to Meshswap. ( )
    Connect a wallet. (Use the Metamask wallet this time.)

    Select wallet to connect. (Choose Metamask.)

    After connecting the wallet, make sure Polygon Mainnet is selected.

    Get oMOOI on Meshswap.

    Swap tokens held in the Swap menu to oMOOI ( )

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    Step 2
    Transfer oMOOI to Klaytn network (via orbit bridge)

    Transfer oMOOI to MOOI Wallet.

    Go to Orbit Bridge. ( )

    Select a token. (MOOI)

    Select Polygon Network in the FROM field.

    If a Polygon network is selected, Select a wallet to connect screen appears.
    Select the Metamask. (Connect Wallet.)

    Select Klaytn Network in the TO field.

    Set CONVERSION AMOUNT (0.1% Layer fee)

    Enter the RECIPIENT ADDRESS. (Klaytn Network address : MOOI Wallet address available)

    Start Conversion
    Requires confirmation within the wallet. Make sure you have MATIC to use as a gas fee.

    Check the (Klaytn) MOOI transferred to the MOOI Wallet.

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    Step 3
    Bridge to MOOI Network (from Klaytn Network)

    Click the Send MOOI button in your wallet.
    Select Bridge menu from MOOI Swap.
    Check the Klaytn Network MOOI balance.
    Transfer KLAY to MOOI wallet (Requires a small amount of KLAY to be used as a gas fee).
    Check the KLAY balance
    Change network from MOOI Mainnet to Klaytn Mainnet in your wallet to check the KLAY balance.
    Unwrap kMOOI to MOOI on MOOI Swap

    How to get KLAY for Klaytn gas fee

    Similar to the oMOOI swapping process on meshswap, swap oKLAY and then send oKLAY to MOOI wallet via Orbit Bridge.

    Connect the MOOI Wallet (Must be confrimed through mobile MOOI Wallet)

    Click the Bridge button
    Select kMOOI in the FROM field. Select MOOI in the TO field

    Set Conversion Amount

    Start Conversion
    Requires confirmation within the wallet. Make sure you have KLAY and MOOI to use as a gas fee.

    Check the converted MOOI
    Check it in the main menu of the MOOI Wallet.

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